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One way of getting acquainted is to visit our wine shop and wine tastings, and we created a few tasting boxes for this purpose.


Our standard is high. We only select quality wines from passionate winemakers that produce their wines on a low-yield basis, with respect for nature and a focus on terroir!


We import all our wines, in most cases on an exclusivity basis for the Netherlands from producers of fame as well as small winemakers who may not be on most people’s radar due to their limited production.


Our passion for and focus on just one wine region, which we visit regularly, know the producers on a personal basis and where we follow developments closely, has helped us to build our reputation as a Rhone ambassador and -connoisseur.

About Rhône Value Wines

Rhône Value Wines is a long-held dream. The choice of the Rhône Valley is not a coincidence. It is a region that offers a surprising level of diversity in terms of wines of both reliable and affordable quality. And it is an area that is still undervalued because world attention tends to focus on Bordeaux and Burgundy. I hope to change this by using my enthusiasm for these wines, and my knowledge of the region.

My love of wine began when I worked in a restaurant as a student. I gradually built up a good working knowledge of wine through various professional courses (Wijncertificaat, Vinologenopleiding, OINOS). From organizing wine tastings and wine courses, I went on to import wines myself. Over a period of ten years, my wine hobby evolved into a part-time one-person business. Still felt that I wanted to do more. Finally, in 2008, I decided to give up the security of a well paid job in asset management so that I could focus on becoming a specialized wine importer. A sabbatical in 2009 allowed me to explore in the Rhône Valley off the beaten racks and to build up a solid wine portfolio.

Rhône Value Wines, launched October 2009, has turned out to be a fantastic adventure. Its joys include the challenge of entrepreneurship, the discovery of interesting wine domains, inspiring contacts with winemakers, the permanent learning curve, and of course, all of those fantastic wine-drinking experiences.


Marga van Winsen
Vinologist Wine Academy


John Livingstone-Learmonth

Marga van Winsen works on two firm foundations: integrity at finding Rhône wines with character, and passion for the region. Shake the cocktail, a little, and voilà, you have Rhône Value Wines, which is a treat for all residents in the Netherlands. You can back her judgment with confidence.

Nicolaas Klei
(i.a. Volkskrant, Elsevier)

The world’s wine growing areas are so vast that no one can ever discover all of the best wines, which is why I instinctively mistrust wine importers who casually offer products from here, there and everywhere. But a specialist in Rhone wines: now that’s something that gets my hopes up, and makes me curious, and eventually, happy.

Harold Hamersma
(i.a. NRC, Parool)

Rhone wines can be purchased everywhere. But there is only one address for exceptional wines from this area: Rhône Value Wines, the specialist that has lost its heart to the region and its products.

And what a coincidence that at this same address, they know where to send tasting samples!

Rene van Heusden †

Her company’s name unmistakably reflects the decision to specialize completely in the Rhone wines, which are cultivated from the Alps to the Provence. Each and every one of these wines has character, quality and a huge amount of originality: a combination that reflects the professionalism of their producers.