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oogstjaar 2015 hype

John Livingston in zijn post van januari 2017

“There is price pressure on the current wines due to the much heralded 2015 vintage. Such a thrust forward for the northern Rhône reminds me of the impact of the mighty 1978 vintage, which was the first one in modern times that allowed discovery of the true worth of these noble syrah wines. The export figures for Rhône wines make interesting reading if one compares 1976 to 1981.

The biggest volume of Rhone wines these days go to the UK (21% of bottled wines), followed by Belgium and Luxembourg (16%), USA (15%), Canada (10%), Germany (8%), Scandinavia (8%) and Switzerland (6%). I expect export figures over the next two years to be robust and on the rise given the very high quality of 2015, and the at least good to very good 2016 vintage.”