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Roucas Toumba Les Grands Chemins Vin de France 2016

red | juicy & concentrated |


30-40 hl/ha
Alcohol %
30-40 hl/ha
non barrel aged
Drinkable till
± 2021
Fiche Technique
Product code
€ 14.00 as per 6 bottles
Tasting notes

This Vin de France floats from the glass: an attractive air of plums and berry fruit surrounded by a hint of Provençal herbs. The palate is convincing and shows delicious juices of (black)berries. The middle shows of an certain freshness, minerality and soft tannin. Lively, pure and well-structured. A wine with certain Vacqueyras affinity; seriously good made! [May 2018]

Wine producer
Roucas Toumba, the Provencal name for 'fallen rocks', refers to the place where the family farm of the Bouletin family is located in Vacqueyras. The Bouletins belong to one of the oldest families of the village and have earned their living from the 18th century with working their land. A small 3 hectares of vineyards were only part of the activities (besides fruit- and olive trees) and the grapes were sold to the local cooperative those days.The current generation is Eric Bouletin, a tall, slender man with, at first glance, a somewhat serious look, but with humor and a sense of perspective and a creative spirit. Eric lost his father at the age of 15 and was soon absorbed by the work on the farm. He left school and tried to sail his own course on the land. With his love for nature, chemicals and artificial aids in vineyard and cellar were quickly banished. Adverse to the bio-marketing hype, certification is not an objective. In 2000, after more than 20 years of harvest experience, Eric decides to keep the healthy vines with relatively old vines for his own purpose and thus creates his his domain. Whoever visits his vineyards (nowadays ±11 hectares) understands that this is a dedicated winemaker.Whoever looks at his hands and tanned face knows that great efforts are being made here. Especially the plot "Les Restanques de Cabassole", owned by the family since 1723, with 80-120 year old grenache sticks, is impressive. In addition to his passion as a winemaker, Eric also has drawing talents. The labels are from his hand. In particular Pichot Roucas, an illustration of a bicycle against a tree; the bike he got as a 12-year-old boy from his father, which is still to be found in the garden. It says plenty about his character, alike his wines: amiable, devoted and lively!
Quote & Reviews

Eric Bouletin (Roucas Toumba): “I work the vineyard so the varieties ripen together, notably the Carignan earlier than usual.”