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Julien Pilon Dimanche á Lima Saint-Joseph 2017

| white | full bodied & complex |


50% marsanne, 50% roussanne
Alcohol %
34 hl/ha
barrel aged
lutte raisonnée (sustainable)
Drinkable till
± 2025
Fiche Technique
Product code
€ 24.05 as per 6 bottles
Tasting notes

The nose shows tropical fruit, blossom and honey. The taste is round and slightly greasy, dominated by yellow-orange fruit (peach). The middle is twofold: a slim posture with minerals, citrus bitters and lively acids. Followed by buttery, honey tones and orange marmalade. The finish is well-balanced and powerful, with mild tannin; holds well. Decant for the coming two years. A wine to pair with food; goes well with white and red coated cheeses. [November 2018]

Wine producer
The 35-year old Julien Pilon from Chavanay (one of the seven AOC Condrieu municipalities) is a newcomer who has been making considerable headway in the Northern Rhône arena. After studying oenology, working for ten years, and travelling the world, Pilon decided on a career in wine (instead of rugby) . He was looking for a domaine of his own, but without family connections, this involves considerable time and money. He decided to specialize in the production of white Northern Rhône wines as a small ‘producteur-négociant’. Strategically, it was a smart choice, given the growing popularity of white Rhône wines around the world, and Julien’s talent as a winemaker. He whisks the grapes right out from under the noses of the négociants simply by paying the growers better and faster.In addition to having Guilleron, Gaillard and Villa (respected producers from the Northern Rhône) as his mentors, Pilon has a clear preference for fermentation in barriques. This is a technique that he is exceptionally good at. ‘Masterly’ according to Lars Daniels’s findings during the Découvertes 2015.
Quote & Reviews

Julien Pilon: “Avec un nez d’une très belle richesse aromatique dominée par des notes florales et miellées, la bouche, d’un beau volume, a su garder de la tension avec une belle texture. De petits amers permettent de conserver une grande longueur.”

John Livingston / “The bouquet expresses fat, opulence, peach stone notes, grapey depth, a firm air of apricot juice. The palate has shoulders, is wide, grounded feet on the ground and very much a wine for la table. The flavour shows dried fruits. It’s one of the most masculine of his 2018 whites, carries weight, is serious, up for sauced dishes, white meats, Asiatic cuisine, is charged from within.[December 2019]


John L. Livingston